Cod. 702564

The heart of the SP2 system is the high-flow membrane and productivity in TFC (Thin Film Composite). The incoming water under pressure is forced through the microscopic pores of the membrane (permeate), leaving the larger solid particles and heavy contaminants upstream of the membrane which is continuously flushed by water discharge (concentrate): • Dual Port: The system has two outputs, one for the permeate for service water (washers, steamer or ice maker) and one for the preparation of espresso coffee or for drinks made with syrup (post-mix); • accumulation tank (9l capacity) or optional expandable tank (75l capacity); • Mixing valve: the adjustment TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for maintaining a certain concentration of salts in order to obtain a quality product; • Pre-filtering system: The percentage of water that is not treated by the membranes is still "pre-filter" upstream by a HF 37 "Carbon Block Cartridge" (5 micron, to remove chlorine, tastes and odors and to reduce the cysts ). • The whole system works without the use of electricity, but thanks to the same water pressure input, by an adjustable bypass. • Production capacity: 760 liters / day (Calculated with water temperature at 25°C inlet and a pressure of 50 psi); • Desalination: through adjustment of the TDS inbuilt in the system or through T mineralizing cartridge with head ROGO ADVANTAGES Twin high production reverse osmosis membrane cartridges efficiently reduce dissolved mineral salts and contaminants that can cause corrosion and scale build-up. • Better tasting speciality coffee with adjustable precision blending valve. • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge design helps reduce the possibility of contamination during change-outs.. • Patented cartridge interconnect system with quick and easy cartridge change-outs. • No spills, no mess. • Delivers a sufficient amount of water, even during peak time, from a built-in 2.5 gallon (9 l) pressure tank and a remote 20-gallon (75 l) storage tank • Rugged rust and corrosion-resistant bracket design allows system to be wall mounted. • Pressure gauge indicates outlet supply pressure. • Keeps running during high-demand periods and power outages with automatic non-electrical by-pass. • cartridges for reverse osmosis membrane with a double for increased production • Effective reduction of minerals, salts, and contaminants which can cause corrosion and the formation of scale.


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